Through reshaping, repairing and upcycling textiles Main Nué are saving materials from ending up in landfills. The crafty and innovative expression of the garments is what makes the authenticity of the brand. The studio embodies art, craftsmanship and humour and are patching up the past in order to make and lead the future of fashion.

Main Nué is a Swedish design and repairing studio founded in 2019 by the design trio of Alva Johansson, Maja Freiman and Carolina Johansson who met during their bachelor in fashion design at Swedish School of Textiles. With focus on repairing, reshaping and rethinking existing materials and concepts, Main Nué contributes with new and sustainable ideas in fashion.

All materials that are used are locally sourced with precision and care to be refined and repurposed by hand. Materials that normally would be considered useless and broken are the core for the brand that works to give these materials new life and purpose through conceptualized repairs and rethinking.

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